Monday, December 12, 2011

Reading Time: Look What Came from China

Can every one say your name correctly in your class? I remember when I came to the States my friends had a hard time to pronounce my name. When I first moved to Morocco one of my friends called me on the phone to invite me to a party. I told her twice that she got the wrong number since I could not recognize the name of the person she would like to talk to. I had no idea she was looking for me. The way she said my name sounded like a Chinese snack. Then I realized that was ME she was looking for... So the third time she called I figured it out, we laughed so hard on the phone.

On the list for December, "The Name Jar" is a story about the name of a girl when she just moved from Korea. Going to university for a Chinese girl decades ago was a big thing. How did Ruby make it happen? Let "Ruby's Wish" tell you the story. Do you like Fortune cookies? Do you know there is no Fortune cookie after a meal in a Chinese restaurant in Taiwan or in China? "Fortune Cookie Fortunes" is an interesting read. "Look What Came from China" shows children neat inventions and discoveries in China. And here is the reading list. Have fun!

(1) Ruby's Wish
by Shirin Yim

(2) The Name Jar
by Yangsook Choi

(3) Fortune Cookie Fortunes
by Grace Lin

(4) Look What Came from China
by Miles Havey


  1. I just started following you on twitter, and I am excited to explore your web site! My children are learning Mandarin, and I think this will be a great resource for them:).

    1. Thank you for visiting! I hope you find great resources here. Have fun learning Chinese!

  2. Thank you for visiting! I hope you find great resources here and have fun learning Chinese!