Saturday, December 10, 2011

Family Members

Who do you have in your family? Who plays basketball? Who bakes the best cakes? Let's take a look at our family members. Join Miss Panda and have fun speaking Chinese! Ready? Let's go! My special guest today is Ge Ge - big brother! Click link below to the podcast.

Click HERE to listen to Miss Panda Chinese Podcast

Word List for this edition of Podcast: English/pinyin/Chinese traditional

Daddy/Dad - bà ba - 爸爸

Mommy/Mom - mā ma - 媽媽

Older brother - gē ge- 哥哥

Younger brother - dì di- 弟弟

Older sister - jiě jie - 姊姊

Younger sister - mèi mei - 妹妹

These are your family members in your family.

Family/ Family member(s) - jiā rén - 家人

Have fun and see you next time!
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