Thursday, December 15, 2011

Video: The Ugly Little Duckling - Chǒu xiǎo yā - 醜小鴨

Chinese Play Time with Miss Panda introduces songs and activities to children and parents.

Today we are singing a classic Chinese song for children - The Ugly Little Duckling. This little duck has a small body but it has a big loud voice. Follow Miss Panda and have fun with this cute song. Let's sing it together!

(1) Xiao = small, little. We make ourselves small like a ball to show "small".
(2) Da = big, large. We stretch our arms to show "big".
(3) Ya zi = duck. We waddle in the play area.

Game: "Big Duck, Small Duck"= "dà yā zi, xiǎo yā zi" in Chinese
Pose like a big duck with arms stretched. Pose like a small duck, curl up like a ball. Use the concept of Simon Says to play the game.

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