Sunday, March 11, 2012

Chinese Character Fun: Mouth - 口

Chinese Character Series featured Chinese character: 口 (Kǒu) - This is a picture word, which means "mouth." Chinese characters with this radical in it always have something to do with mouth.

Chinese Vocabulary - CLICK the Chinese character below to see its stroke order

Chinese Vocabulary


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We can use 口 kǒu in the following phrases:

一口 - yī kǒu = one bite

一大口 - yī dà kǒu = one big bite

一小口 - yī xiǎo kǒu = one small bite

吃一口 - chī yī kǒu = to have a bite

吃一大口 -chī yī xiǎo kǒu = to have a big bite

Listen to the audio track for pronunciation.

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