Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Reading Time: "I Hate English!", "Dear Zoo" & more

There was a new student in one of the classes I was teaching last week. When I entered the classroom he had tears in his eyes and was standing by the door. The home room teacher told him to go in and sit down for the class but the little boy could not stop crying. Other children in the class shared their concerns with me and told me that the new boy did not understand English, it is his first day and he misses his mommy...

When you combine a new country, a new school and a new language together it can be quite scary for a young child. Read "I Hate English!" together with your child to learn more about the experiences of young children who are new to a foreign language and culture.

"Dear Zoo" is a cute board book that is full of surprises for little kids.

You will learn a few Chinese characters in "At the Beach." The next time you go to the beach you can have fun by trying out some of these Chinese characters in the sand.

"Where the Mountain Meets the Moon" is another joyful book by one of my favorite authors, Grace Lin!

Enjoy my book picks of the month and leave a comment and let me know your favorites!

I Hate English
by Ellen Levine
[Ages 4 and up]

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
by Grace Lin
[Ages 8 and up]

Dear Zoo [English and Chinese edition]
by Rob Campbell
[Board book]

At the Beach
by Huy Voun Lee
[Ages 3 and up]

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