Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chinese Character Fun: 月 -"yuè" - moon

Check out my featured Chinese character: 月 (yuè) - This is a picture word, which means "moon" or "month."

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We can use 月 (yuè) in the following phrases.

Moon (used when referring to the phases of the moon and its brightness):
Yuè liàng - 月亮

Moon (used when referencing the moon as a heavenly body as in "astronauts visited the moon"):
Yuè qiú - 月球

Moon cake:
Yuè bǐng - 月餅

Month - "Which month?":
Jǐ yuè - 幾月

September (literally "9th month"):
Jiǔ yuè - 九月

Listen to the pronunciation of the word and the phrases CLICK BELOW.

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