Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Year of the DRAGON - Chinese New Year Calendar of Events in U.S., Canada, Australia

The best way to learn is to see, to hear, to feel, to touch, and to taste. This definitely applies to learning a language and its culture.

Do you know I still remember my very first bite of the authentic McDonald's Big Mac in L.A. when I visited the U.S. the very first time many many years ago? It might sound silly but it was quite an experience after hearing about the Big Mac and looking at the pictures of a Big Mac for a while in Taiwan. Food always motivates me and you know the rest of the story I tried all kinds of fast food restaurants and learned many names and words about hamburgers, fried chicken, and seafood. That was very yummy and fun.

My cousin came to the States for a visit from China and took a summer English program in a college a few year ago. He had his first real American hamburger one day and he was thrilled as well. He learned how to order everything on his own in English on his field trip.

When we visit Taiwan, my children would go to the convenience stores to buy snacks and chat with the staff about the snacks they have never seen before in Mandarin Chinese. They also go to the tea house to order their favorite bubble tea on their own. Power of language is so delicious!

Here is a great opportunity for the whole family to enjoy and to explore the Chinese language and Chinese culture during the Chinese New Year celebration this year. The list is arranged by location and each entry is linked to its official event website. Find one event near you. Go out and have some fun! Why not try out the Chinese words, phrases, sentences you know? And make sure you taste some traditional Chinese New Year food.

If you would like to add event location(s) to the CALENDAR OF EVENTS list I put together please feel free to do so in the comment area.

Happy New Year of the Dragon! - lóng nían kuài lè - 龍年快樂! - 龙年快乐!

2012 Year of the DRAGON - Chinese New Year Calendar of Events
in U.S., Canada, Australia



San Francisco - Chinatown

San Francisco - Chinese New Year Flower Market Fair

San Francisco - Chinese New Year events

San Diego

Los Angeles, California - The Golden Dragon Parade

Los Angeles, California - Asian American Expo Celebrating the Lunar New Year Festivities

Monterey Park, California - Chinese New Year Festival

San Marino, Califonia


Honolulu Chinatown Chinese New Year Festivities


Rockville, Maryland-2012 Lunar New Year Celebration


Massachusetts - Quincy Asian Resources Annual Lunar New Year Festival

New York

New York

Flushing, New York


Austin, Texas - Chinatown Center Year of the Dragon Celebration

Houston, Texas - Lunar New Year Houston


Falls Church - Chinese New Year Festival

Washington DC

Washington DC area


Brisbane - Chinese New Year @ Sunnybank

Sydney - Chinese New Year Festival

Chinese New Year in Australia - Resource website


Vancouver, Canada - Chinese New Year Parade and Festival

Picture source: huan tian xi di by zheng xiang

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